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The truth is somewhere in the middle. They’re both lying, they had a falling out and both are telling half the truth to make the other girl look as bad as possible while keeping themselves relatively clean. It’s pretty clear they’re both strippers who are working as prostitutes on the side.

That’s fits even based on how each one talks about themselves in their own versions of the story.

Zola: Knows all the prostitution lingo, says this is what strippers do, portrays Jess as not knowing how much to charge when she does know, immediately knows how to set up backpage ads with photos for Jess, to work the trap phone, how to deal with clients etc.

Jess: Admits that she’s the one who knew Z (who based on both stories is clearly a pimp), went down to Florida with him, they have a code word “Gucci” to know everything is okay when with a client which doesn’t make them look like novices, she knew that other guy was “a large scale pimp” based on some Michael Kors handbags, and even stayed down in Florida with Z even after Zola and Jarret went back home.

What’s hilarious about two hoes throwing each other under the bus is that in an effort to make the other one look bad (on all fronts, down to petty shit like how much each made some night at a strip club), they both admit to knowing more about prostitution than the other!


So when they finished he gave her $100. I said “Jess, u sellin puss for $100??? Pussy is worth thousands. U trippin.” … So I was like “Bitch no. If u gone do this. Do it right…” So I took some pics of her & put em on backpage along with the trap phone number wit a MINIMUM of $500.

Zola knows how to do whoring right, yet Jess is the prostitute?


Aziah is in the back bedroom. I walk in and there’s beds on beds in this room! Each one covered in Michael Kors and all kinds of name brands. Working in Detroit I knew what was going on immediately!! I grab Aziah and tell her she’s an idiot and the man is a pimp! A large scale one at that.

Zola was too stupid to realize this while Jess immediately knew what was going on, yet Zola is the prostitute?


Clearly Jess’ pimp. Based on Zola’s story that’s obvious. But even in Jess’ own story it’s pretty clear (unless you’re really naive) if you look at his actions and read between the lines. It’s even telling how little detail Jess provides about Z and his role in all this.


Also the shooting is clearly real so Jess is definitely lying about that (because Zola was stupid to mention it: if this guy had died instead of living and not cooperating with police, she would be in serious trouble).

Jess says “Welcome to Tampa during Spring Break!” (which is in late Feb – early March)

Man wounded when shots fired into Tampa hotel room

March 17, 2015

Michael Porter, 29, was in Room 242 with an unidentified female when the gunman approached the room, banged on the door, and fired shots through the window that struck Porter.

The female fled, entered a vehicle in the parking lot and left the scene, police said.

Initially, Porter was not cooperative with the officers on scene, police said.

A rival pimp who tried to kidnap a prostitute isn’t going to cooperate with police even after he gets shot…

So either we need dueling Hollywood movies, or some Rashomon shit with both sides of the story…


Edit 1: The Observer Effect

WTF Jess put up part of my comment on her Instagram… while conveniently ignoring the rest of it. In case it gets taken down, link

Complex interview with Jess – [spoiler alert: her comments get us to Z]

Edit 2: New shit has come to light

Important new info here

It’s likely that both the pimps involved “Z” and “Dreads” now have been identified in this thread, their mugshots:

Z: Akporode Uwedjojevwe (sometimes goes by the name Rudy Uwedjo)

Dreads: Michael Porter

Edit 3: The Social Network

Facebooks for “Z” Akporode Uwedjojevwe under his alias Rudy Owedjo (friends with some of the same “strippers” as Jess) and his (gun-toting?) girl Alyssa Wicker (pics of the same dog

as on Rudy’s page)… note the only two photos on Rudy’s page were uploaded March 11, which is right before the Florida trip. Both used to be connected with Jess (that’s Jess “liking” her Facebook profile pic from March 22, which just so happens to be when all of this went down in Florida) until they just unfriended each other. Just in case the Facebook pages go down: Alyssa profile link / Alyssa pic link / Rudy’s profile link

And I have been informed via PM that Zola is also deleting references to Rudy Owedjo from her Instagram… this just gets more and more crazy.

Edit 4: Just two hoes on spring break

Jarrett is now on Twitter telling his version of the story, which mostly lines up with Zola except he says Zola was trapping too… we are now at full Rashomon

Facebook “hooker” exchange with Jess from a week before the Zola story broke

We know from her Instagram that Jess is following this thread, well after last night’s revelations regarding Z’s identity it looks like she is tapping out for now

… She just deleted a comment with Z’s real name, and then immediately put up her “I’m in the hospital” IV pic. Up until now she was enjoying the celebrity

(even if not as much as Zola) but it just got real…

Apologies to Zola for saying “the truth is somewhere in the middle” when her story appears to be mostly right aside from a few details (Dreads shot but not killed, arrests in Reno not Vegas, etc.). I still think Zola was also hooking, though… just because Zola was right about Jess doesn’t mean Jess wasn’t right about Zola (aside from the cheap shots like the nappy wig and making $1 at the club). Jarrett’s version of the story has Zola hooking so it’s 2v1.

Grab some popcorn because this ride isn’t over yet

Edit 5: The Big Finale

Brace yourselves, this is big… /u/supadahustla just posted this Youtube video:


It shows a Backpage ad in Tampa on March 27 that is clearly Jess.

Screencaps: Intro  /  The Backpage Ad: Jess 1 / Jess 2 / Jess and Zola

Compare to this known pic of Jess and Zola from TMZ and the original tweets

You can clearly see it’s Jess by the hair, outfit, and tattoos, and the girl on the bed is clearly Zola based on the hair and outfit.

It’s hard to know when the pics were first taken, ads get posted over and over so this one could be from after Zola and Jarrett left…

Zola: Zola is not taking the photos like the assistant pimp she imagines herself to be, she is just some hoe in the background. But she was mostly telling the truth, even if she omitted evidence of her own trapping activities… and at least she can tell an entertaining story.

Jess: Jess on the other hand has lost ALL credibility.

Someone sent me these links via PM:




And here is an ad from Tampa Backpage confirming that Zola was also trapping along with Jess down in Tampa:


It won’t pull up anymore and isn’t cached anywhere, but the URL clearly states:

Two Teenies, Blue Eyed Beauty Ariel and Brunette Zol – 100, real beauties or time is free

We know Jess’ name was Ariel based on the other links, and Zol is clearly Zola / Aziah.


The lesson here is you can tell your hoeing tales to become internet famous and get on TMZ but you are still a hoe and if you are telling lies there are people out there who are smarter than you and will catch them.

The crazy thing for the rest of us is they may be /r/trashy but now they’re also celebrities and so we’ll inevitably get other versions of the story, new drama updates, pics, sex tapes, and all the rest from sites like TMZ

and Buzzfeed (no offense guys, PM me with job offers if you’re reading this!) for the next half decade….

If you appreciate the detective work please RT so it gets attention beyond this small subreddit…

OK we’re done here, special thanks to /u/pizza_partyUSA for being the Rust Cohle to my Martin Hart!

Zola vs Jess – DELETED from Reddit

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